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Rockstar Games is the word’s topmost video game publishing company based in New York. The company specializes in providing hit games since 1998. With more than 2000 employees Rockstarwas founded by Sam and Dand Houser. Rockstar Games is a successor of BMG Interactive, a dormant video game publisher. The company has acquired a great position in video game industry since 1999. Several new companies were established under Take-Two when it also becomes the part of Rockstar Games. By establishing Rockstar Canada in 1999 and Rockstar India in 2016 Rockstar Games increased its reach in the global market.

All companies under Rockstar are having the same set of name and logo. They usually publish games of action-adventure and racing genre. One of their top franchises is Grand Theft Auto. This company proved itself as the bestselling games across the world. Its recent game Grand Theft Auto V has marked a record of selling more than 95 million copies since its release in 2013 and it is entitled the best in the history of bestselling games of all time. There are a lot of other franchise of Rockstar Games like Midnight Club, Manhunt, and Red Dead and produce many of the Hollywood films including GTA-2, Sunday Driver, Red Dead Redemption and The Football Factory.

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Products and Services-

Rockstar offers the following services to its customers-

  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Manhunt
  • Road Redumption


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