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By serving millions of drivers each day on the Toll Roads, The Transportation Corridor Agencies helps to meet the needs for a tax-free congestion free transportation alternative. The TCA agencies have developed and have been operating publicly owned toll facility as a part of the transport system of the regional area. It was actually built as freeways, but due to a lack of funds they had to be set up as tolled roads. This construction was drawn from the sale of bonds to private individuals and institutional investors. These bonds can only be repaid through future tolls and development fees.

The Toll Roads have been giving a choice to drivers for 20 years. They have built themselves on a strong financial ground by its refinancing after the recession periods. They have grown strong enough to stand against future economic depressions and support. With the increase in the population and a country’s economic growth, TCA has been ensuring that Toll Roads always remain valuable with congestion free alternatives to local freeways. That is why the company is committed to good customer service by increasing and improving the present and future quality of life. To know further get in touch with The TOLL ROADS contact number 949-7274800

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The Toll Roads offers the following services to its customers-

  • Toll services
  • Highways

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