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This is a short overview of AOL, a famous Web Portal, also explaining their founding history.

Today, AOL has become one of the largest and most famous web portals in the world. They also offer a host of other services, such as providing some of the most reliable and trustworthy online service. AOL is famous all over the world, as they have millions of users in just about every single country one can think of.

The organization had very humble beginnings. With a lot of research, one will be able to trace the very roots of AOL to PlayNET, which was as service hosting multiplayer games for one of the older models of the PC. Shortly, PlayNET outsourced to Q-Link, who over time branched out to provide their services in online software for PC models, releasing the service under the now iconic name of America Online. While Q-Link outlived their lifespan, AOL become one of the nation’s largest online service providers, looming large over experienced corporations such as The Source and CompuServe.

AOL became one of the nation’s leading pioneers in the Internet, as they provided every single service related to it, such as a dial-up service, their famous web-portal, email and even a web browser! Currently, they have been acquired by, and operate under, Verizon Communications.

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Products and Services:-

AOL offers the following to customers-

  • AOL Computer Check-up
  • AOL Mail
  • AOL Desktop Gold
  • AOL app for Android

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