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Microsoft is technological company started in the year 1975. It is responsible for developing, licensing and supporting a variety of software products, devices and services. Its other segments are an intelligent cloud, productivity and business processes and personal computing. Its products include business solution application, operating systems, tools for server management, cross-device productivity, video games, cross-device productivity applications.

Devices such as tablets, personal computers, phones, gaming devices and other such accessories are also designed, manufactured and sold by Microsoft. Its services include solution, support and consulting services. Their only mission is to make people enabled and make businesses realise their complete potential by building technology that will convert the way people work, play and make communication. It provides cloud-based solutions that offer people all over the world with content, services and software on the internet through shared computing resources in a common data centre.

Microsoft is growing year by year to meet their customer’s requirements by providing various devices and services for all individuals and businesses that will empower people all around the world. They are creating new opportunities and possess excellent business efficacy and internal processes.

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Products and Services:-

Microsoft offers the following services to customers-

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop
  • Xbox
  • Windows

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