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The Vanguard Group is an American privately held investment management company located in Malvern, Pennsylvania, United States. It was founded by John C. Bogle in 1st May 1975. It is a registered investment company that has over $5.1 trillion assets under management. It is also said to be the second largest provider of exchange traded funds (ETFs) and the first largest provider mutual funds in entire world. It also provides Vanguard offers brokerage services, educational account services, variable and fixed annuities, asset management, financial planning as well as trust services.

Since 43 years, the company is owned by funds, managed by the company and thus, it is owned by its customers. Vanguard also provides two parts of the funds such as admiral shares and investor shares. Admiral shares need a higher minimum invest but has slightly lower expense ratio. This company also provides brokerage services, educational account services, trust services, asset management, financial planning, fixed annuities, variable, etc. Mutual funds that are managed and controlled by Vanguard are ranked at the top of the list of US mutual funds. This company also has satellite offices in North Carolina, Charlotte, Arizona as well as Scottsdale. It also has offices in Asia, Australia and Europe.

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Products and Services:-

Vanguard offers the following services to its customers-

  • Vanguard Flagship Services
  • VanguardVoyager Services
  • VanguardVoyager Select Services

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