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The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is one of the most well-known movements on the entire planet. It can be accurately described as an extremely humanitarian movement that holds itself responsible for the preservation of life wherever possible, whether one is talking about a war zone, a disease or plague zone and natural disaster zones.

The organization itself has about 17 million members, with quite most of them being volunteers, along with added staff. There is no place they cannot reach, as they have bases, outposts and volunteer posted in just about every single country on Earth. They have just about every type of volunteer, such as doctors, lawyers, construction workers, veterinarians and other people who can help in the relief efforts provided to a location. Anybody with queries or questions is urged to contact Red Cross.

The movement itself is not a unified organization but is actually a greater whole made up of many smaller parts. While they are totally separate from each other, all of them do their best to work in total coordination, as relief efforts much be spread equally over a region, state or country in the world.

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Products and Services:-

Red Cross offers the following services to its customers-

  • Public Inquiry
  • Blood Services
  • Red Cross History/Archives
  • Fundraising
  • Financial Donor Customer Service
  • Volunteer Services
  • PHSS (Preparedness & Health & Safety training)
  • Human Resources (HR)

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