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Social security is an independent agency that provides financial assistance to people who do not have adequate income or those belonging to the low-income group. It is also known as social safety net or welfare when you talk about Canadian and European countries. The action programs of this government system intend to promote the welfare of the people through assistance measures. It is funded through Federal Insurance Contributions Act Tax and payroll taxes. It has designed various programs to provide monetary assistance to people those who are unable to take care of themselves. Social security is headquartered in Maryland, and it has ten regional offices and thirty-seven teleservice centres.

It’s coverage under the Social Security Act extends to nearly all employees in the territories of Hawaii and Continental U.S below the age group of 65 years of age. Social Security administers the social insurance programs, retirements and other survivor categories that provide a monthly benefit to disabled or aged workers. Its office of Disability Adjudication and Review administers its disability program on a partial basis. It publishes HALLEX a manual which consists of certain sets of instructions for the employees about the guiding procedures and principles. Program Operations Manual System governs all aspects of its action internally.

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